If you wish to lawfully work in a dental office, you will be required to complete a comprehensive infection control course. Regardless of whether you are a licensed or unlicensed Dental Assistant, this is a mandatory course required by the California Dental Board. This one-day, 8-hour infection control course will teach you the basics of infection control in a dental office while learning how to minimize the risks associated with contaminated instruments.

During This Course, You Will Learn How To:

  • Implement proper sterilization methods
  • Properly use protective equipment
  • Prevent contaminants from spreading
  • Verify infections
  • Handle and discard hazardous waste

This course includes both lecture and lab experience including hands-on practice with an exam given to students at the end of the day. Students will also practice proper hand washing techniques to prevent the spreading of infection and other contaminants.

* There are no patients required for this course