Our Mission

The Valley School for Dental Assisting (VSDA) is designed to provide quality education and training for individuals interested in entering the field of Dental Assisting or who are already in the field but are seeking career advancement.

Our Philosophy

The Valley School for Dental Assisting (VSDA) is a privately owned post-secondary institution which offers dental vocational training programs. We seek to train motivated people in the Dental Assisting profession in a supportive and comfortable setting.

The philosophy of VSDA is centered around the belief that people can be trained in a relatively short period of time to enter the Dental Assisting profession or enhance their career in the field of Dental Assisting. We believe that on-the-job experience, as well as classroom hours, are the best teachers.

Dental Assistant students who are new to the field have the choice of a 12-week program allowing you to graduate in just a short time and begin your new profession as a Dental Assistant or a  9 month Registered Dental Assistant Program. The Registered Dental Assistant Program enables you to begin working and be eligible to sit for your licensing exam upon graduation. With either program, we feel that emphasis on gaining practical knowledge and hands-on experience is what is the most beneficial to successfully landing and keeping a job in a dental office.

Enrollment Process

It is easy to get started! Just call or email our school Administrator who will guide you through enrollment.  We can speak with you or meet with you in person to complete the enrollment and financial agreement process.

You may choose to attend an Open House where you can meet our staff, have your questions answered and be able to register.

Our Open House dates are posted on this website. We’d love to meet you!

Any person with a high school diploma or a recognized equivalency certificate (GED) is eligible to attend our VSDA Dental Assisting Programs. All applicants must exhibit a proper willingness and enthusiasm to learn the skills required to effectively work in a dental office setting. Admissions at VSDA are possible throughout the year. Applicants are evaluated and accepted on a first come, first serve basis. New class start dates are posted on our website along with VSDA literature.