Similarly to our infection control and Dental Practice Act courses, the pit and fissure sealants course is a required course by the California Dental board for unlicensed Dental Assistants, Dental Assistants who are seeking to become an RDA, renew an RDA License, and/or perform sealants on patients in a dental office. Once you have completed this two-day course, you will earn a certificate in pit and fissure sealants.

Day One

  • Lecture
  • Hands-on practice with mannequins
  • Perform a total of eight sealants in mixed quadrants of two patients

Day Two

  • Written exam
  • Clinical exam of eight sealants in mixed quadrants of two patients.
  • Typodont use to practice tooth preparation, moisture control, applying the correct amount of sealant and bite articulation

*If clinical patients are not available on day one, you may schedule the patients to be done as homework in our facility or in an outside facility, (paperwork provided).

*VSDA Supplies all materials for this course.

*Students must use their own patients.